Hey NuGamers!

What is this?
This is the first of what should be a weekly shop update about goings-on, finance, events, and etc. between both NuGames locations. There’s a lot to catch the community up on and little space to do it, so I’ll be somewhat more condensed and might even seem scattered. Future blog posts will cover individual subjects in much greater depth.

What’s going on? Why are you back in Humboldt?
NuGames has always been near and dear to my heart. Having completed Undergrad at UC Davis, I’ll be spending some time up here as a front-end manager and card buyer. I’m very excited to build community, strengthen the local judge program, and competitive level Magic in the area. Please reach out to me if you have feedback about the store, questions, comments, or concerns.

On Singles
One of the elements I’m very interested in is building a more robust singles market at both locations. Over the course of the next month, and particularly following the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease, I’ll be buying singles pretty aggressively with relatively small spread. Particularly looking to pick up Silumgar, The Drifting Death, The Great Aurora, Demonic Pact, and Hidden Dragonslayer. Buy days will be announced soon, until then any day I’m working and have time I’ll be happy to try to make something work. Make sure to take a peek in the binders or cases in the following month or so, I think you’ll be pleased to find more chase cards than you might expect.

On Changes
While I’ve certainly got a bunch of really great ideas on community building, store policy changes, and maximizing the customer experience for Nu Gamers, I’ll be working closely with Laura to make sure that those ideas are in fact optimal.

For instance, upon initially arriving in Arcata I was pretty gung-ho on transitioning from SCG pricing to Channelfireball, as I was operating under the maxim that Starcity was the most expensive large retailer. Imagine my surprise upon discovering that Starcity is no longer that benchmark high but rather comparable +/- about 1% in pricing;  Eternal staples vary between the sites like Serum Visions (SCG -.10 from CFB), Taiga (SCG +.40 from CFB), Batterskull (SCG +.26 from CFB) while Standard staples tend to be slightly more variant but again not weighted either direction; Hangarback Walker (SCG -.75 from CFB), Siege Rhino (SCG +.50 from CFB), Ataraka’s Command (SCG -.30 from CFB).

These are a few prices picked at random from cards I recently bought for the shops, but I encourage you to explore yourself; I think you’ll find that neither benchmark is particularly more expensive, rather they’re within 2% of each other and vary depending on specific cards. It would appear that Starcity is trying to capture true market price algorithmically, as their prices are infrequently whole numbers in the way that we’re used to.

With this in mind, small changes in store policy will probably occur, but they’ll be carefully metered against presumptive rhetoric, and will always be crafted with the goal of creating and maintaining the best possible space for you to have fun and play games!

On the Judge Program
I’ve been actively recruiting L0 candidates and L1s in an attempt to build judge community healthy enough to organically sustain current Competitive REL demand and future Competitive demand. I’ve been traveling a lot to Grand Prix events this season with the goal of bringing back skills, best practices, and Judge knowledge to impart to the region. In recognition of this, I’ve been named Humboldt County’s Judge Area Captain which, fun name aside, essentially means I’m your hub for Magic judge-related things including testing, rules questions, and education. I’d like to separate this role from my role as a Tournament Organizer at NuGames, and am accessible at norcalmagicac@gmail.com as well as on my cell to function in that role. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, particularly if you’re interested in this Saturday the 19th’s judge meetup were we’ll talk about Judge best practices, the Judge Code, running Competitive level events, expectations you can have of a TO, and the FAQ if it’s released in time.

Thanks so much for the read! I look forward to serving you in both capacities, and slinging some spells with one and all. Feedback is always appreciated, and I hope to see you in the shops soon.