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Magic The Gathering Origins prerelease

July 11th- July 12th is the prerelease weekend of Magic Origins! Learn the backstory of some of your favorite characters from the Magic multiverse. Sign-up for the prerelease at NuGames Eureka or NuGames Arcata.

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The ever changing Standard

By: Sebastian Hedberg You are at 18 life and you have your opponent down too 2. One more turn and the game will be yours, so you pass.Your opponent untaps,draws, then a smile breaks out on their face. They tap their lands carefully and play the card and suddenly you realize you’re life is no [...]

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In Dragons we Trust

By Sebastian Hedberg Sarkhan can finally soar with dragons and so can we in this final set of Khans, Dragons of Tarkir. This set is full of powerful cards in both limited and constructed and is the last of the three set cycles before we switch to the 2 set block format.  With a lot [...]

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The 99: Swan Song

Well folks, there's no easy way to say it: this will be my last article for the foreseeable future. Work and other obligations are starting to become more time consuming and so I have to put this blog to bed for the time being. Thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings [...]

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Manifest, the weird side of Magic

  By Sebastian Hedberg Fate Reforged, the middle child of the Khans Block has brought something to the table possibly more exciting than the the two Onslaught staples, morph and fetches being brought back in Khans of Tarkir. Manifest, a mechanic which shares a lot with morph, but with so many more possibilities has me [...]

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The 99: Roon, Rhino Mayor of Valuetown

This month I get the rare treat of featuring a guest deck list from none other than our own Nick Painter! So how did Nick get started down the road to Rhuin? “I was gifted the Derevi Commander Precon a year ago for Christmas from my girlfriend. It was my first true Commander deck [...]

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The 99: Big or Small

  Happy new year! I wanted to begin 2015 with an introduction to a format which has been gaining some popularity in recent months: Tiny Leaders. While this format has been around for a few years, I have noticed a recent surge in its popularity within my local meta. What is Tiny Leaders exactly? The [...]

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The 99: Go Big

I took a little break for the holidays but I'm back with a strange brew aimed at going as big as possible in EDH. After diving headfirst into the 1v1 side of Commander for a while, I thought it would be fun to build a deck with multiplayer in mind. So what does this brew [...]

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The 99: The Cruel Tutelage of Narset

So I was going to use this as a Khans set review but as the set's been released for a little over a week now, I'm pretty sure all of you know just how awesome our Fall set is. There's a little something for everyone and the reprinting of the Onslaught Fetch lands is a [...]

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The 99: Parlez-vous français?

Recently I have seen a rise in popularity of “French” EDH in my local meta. French, or Duel commander, is a variant of EDH meant to be played exclusively in 1v1 matches. Games are best two out of three, life totals begin at 30 and the ban list is slightly different than normal Commander. Oppressive [...]

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