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The 99: The Cruel Tutelage of Narset

So I was going to use this as a Khans set review but as the set's been released for a little over a week now, I'm pretty sure all of you know just how awesome our Fall set is. There's a little something for everyone and the reprinting of the Onslaught Fetch lands is a [...]

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The 99: Parlez-vous français?

Recently I have seen a rise in popularity of “French” EDH in my local meta. French, or Duel commander, is a variant of EDH meant to be played exclusively in 1v1 matches. Games are best two out of three, life totals begin at 30 and the ban list is slightly different than normal Commander. Oppressive [...]

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The 99: Degavolving

Since my last article, we have seen the release of M15 and while there are some interesting cards in the set, this article is aimed at the future state of Magic. This past weekend was the San Diego Comic Con, during which we got some juicy new spoilers for the upcoming fall set as well [...]

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The 99: Conspiracy Blues

The 99: Conspiracy Blues   Ok, very little preamble this time. Conspiracy has been out for over a month now and I'm excited to discuss its impact on the EDH format. I bought a box of Conspiracy just to open and I was not disappointed. While many sets have chase Rares or Mythics that carry [...]

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The 99: The King is Dead

The 99: The King is Dead Maybe it's just me but lately I have noticed a huge surge in popularity of Nekusar, the Mindrazer . It seems as though the last few times I have gone out to play a game of Commander I have either faced a Nekusar deck or encountered someone in the [...]

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The 99: From the Ground up (part 2) *PLUS* Journey into Nyx!

Well it's been a month and I've had the opportunity to play a few more games with my Oloro Esper Control deck. Also, it's time for us to Journey into Nyx and I wanted to make a few remarks about some of the cards that we'll be seeing soon. While this will be far from [...]

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The 99: From the Ground Up

Hello and welcome back! Before we delve too deeply, I would like to mention that The 99 is switching from a bi-weekly article to a monthly one. Feel free to commiserate in the comments below. To try and make it up to all of you, I thought it would be fun to look at a [...]

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The 99: Back in Black

We're back again and this time around I have a spicy list from Nu Games' own Joel Herrick! While I have thus far featured tri-color decks, this time around we plunder the depths of the darkest color for a look at the rewards and pitfalls of playing mono Black. Before we get to the deck [...]

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The 99: “Then Do It Again”

This week I get to give someone else a moment in the spotlight. Fellow Nu Gamer Isaac Dietz was kind enough to share his Maelstrom Wanderer list with me and explain some of the finer points of Cascading for more value than you can shake an Isochron Scepter at. Creatures: 24   Acidic Slime [...]

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The 99: Hi Friend!

One on one duels of Magic have very little use for politics. All that matters is our opponent's life total and choosing the correct line of play to bring that number to zero as fast as possible. In a multiplayer setting however we have both the time and inclination to forge alliances, make deals or [...]

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