The ever changing Standard

By: Sebastian Hedberg You are at 18 life and you have your opponent down too 2. One more turn and the game will be yours, so you pass.Your opponent untaps,draws, then a smile breaks out on their face. They tap their lands carefully and play the card and suddenly you realize you’re life is no [...]

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In Dragons we Trust

By Sebastian Hedberg Sarkhan can finally soar with dragons and so can we in this final set of Khans, Dragons of Tarkir. This set is full of powerful cards in both limited and constructed and is the last of the three set cycles before we switch to the 2 set block format.  With a lot [...]

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Why YOU should be playing Android:Netrunner

I gazed into my opponent’s eyes for a split second and glanced at the hand of cards before me. My pulse quickened and begun to pound in my ears as an inescapable truth dawned on me. I am dead next turn. My opponent had already tagged me twice; more than enough to ensure that they [...]

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The 99: An Introduction

Today we're going to be taking a look at my favorite format: EDH. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Elder Dragon Highlander (or Commander) is played using a deck of 99 unique cards and one legendary creature as your commander. Rather than being shuffled into the deck, your commander sits in a special zone [...]

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Welcome our Newest Level 1 Judge Mr. Joseph Burkett

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Eye Spy Strategy Released

We have a strategy section now here at Nugamesonline! Click on the Eye Spy Strategy menu above to see what's going on. If you have any ideas or requests for content go ahead and let us know by emailing or stopping by the shop.

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