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There is a new Magic League coming to NuGames Eureka. Saturday from 3 to 6 pm you can come join the League of Magic player from the local area.

KaiJudo Duel-Day

Come play constructed KaiJudo once at week. Call for more details. First and second place winners receive a promo card. The card of the month is Enslaved Flametropus.

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Theros Pre-Relase

Play with the new cards the week before they come out! Events all weekend, Saturday Spetember 21 and Sunday September 22. Theros itself is a Greek/Roman themed set complete with heros, mosters, and gods. This event will have 5 paths to play, one for each color. White is the path of The Protector, Blue is the [...]

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Magic Celebration, September 7

Magic Celebration, September 7, has a brand new format that’s a great way to get get familiar with the concept of sealed deck, and best of all it's free! You will build decks using: 1 Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Pack 1 Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Deck, chosen after opening your booster pack. Create your [...]

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M14 Game Day, August 10th & 11th

Come play standard at Game Day, August 10th and 11th. All participants will receive a full art copy of Hive Stirrings and the top 8 get Goblin Diplomats . Of course first place gets a Champion Mat.  

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M14 Release – Sat, July 20th

Nugames will be hosting a sealed event at 1PM as a M14 release event. Please call the shop for more information 707-826-1228.

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Magic 14 Prerelease

Well, they did it. Wizards is bringing back slivers in the soon to be released Magic 2014 Core Set. Not sure if it will piss more people off than it will make happy, but remember folks Nugames has a strict no homicide policy. Bonescythe Sliver Enough sarcasm, here is a list of Nugames's prerelease events on July [...]

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Portland Grand Prix

Humboldt Magic Players are well represented at the current Portland Grand Prix. We will be posting match results, and updates for our players through out the day. Match Results ( Round 8 ) Noah Koessel: 7 Match Wins; 2 Match Losses Kyle Falbo: 5 Match Wins; 3 Match Losses Kit Falbo: 5 Match Wins; 3 [...]

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Minor League Magic

Nugames is proud to announce the start of Minor League Magic. Wednesdays at 5:00PM Elementary through high school students can come to play Magic in a beginner friendly environment. Intro Decks will be provided free to new players.  

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Dragon’s Maze – Game Day

Dragon's Maze Game Day is May 25th at 1:00PM. All players will receive a promo Trostani's Summoner as a participation card. The top 8 players will receive a promo Melek, Izzet Paragon .   As always the winner gets a Champion Mat!  

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