Why YOU should be playing Android:Netrunner

I gazed into my opponent’s eyes for a split second and glanced at the hand of cards before me. My pulse quickened and begun to pound in my ears as an inescapable truth dawned on me. I am dead next turn. My opponent had already tagged me twice; more than enough to ensure that they [...]

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Commander Decks!

Yes we have the brand new Commander decks! And remember we hold casual Commander events every Thursday at 6PM. Five brand new decks filled with cards for Commander! Commander is one of the most popular multiplayer MagicTM formatsand enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting new cards and decks— their wait will soon be over! Each of [...]

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From the Vault: Twenty

$180 From the Vault: Twenty collectors set will include 20 premium foil cards, instead of the usual 15, and will include Jace, the Mind Sculptor . There is a waiting list, call us to get on it at 707-826-1228.    

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Modern Masters

Modern Masters has launched! Our first draft will be June 11TH at 6:00PM space is very limited so call now to reserve a spot. We worked with Bill at Sports Cards and More in Eureka to help him sell his boxes, but we are reserving most of ours for drafts. We will also be selling [...]

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