Yes we have the brand new Commander decks! And remember we hold casual Commander events every Thursday at 6PM.

Five brand new decks filled with cards for Commander!

Commander is one of the most popular multiplayer MagicTM formatsand enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting new cards and decks—
their wait will soon be over!
Each of these new Commander offerings includes a 100-card
preconstructed deck and three oversized, foil legendary commander
cards (that also appear in the deck). The decks are filled with cards
from throughout the history of Magic and also include…
15 new Magic cards in every deck!

The five new Commander decks each contain two brand new three-
color legendary creatures and 13 other never-before-printed cards.
There are 51 unique new cards spread across the five decks (some
cards appear in multiple decks). These new cards will not only bring
excitement to the Commander format but are also legal for use in
Vintage and Legacy tournaments!