Magic: The Gathering is the oldest, and perhaps most serious collectible card game around. Magic can be fun for players of any skill level; whether your playing in a friendly Friday night draft, in your living room, or in a tournament in a state far, far away, Magic is fun for everyone.

Friday Night Magic is a casual event that helps players learn how to build a good deck. The playing field is leveled, as all cards used in the tournament are provided. New players are encouraged to join! Admission is $15, and you get to keep the cards you play with (3 Boosters) plus there are special Friday Night Magic card prizes!

We host standard tournaments, weekly league, or put teams together for out of the area tournaments. All players are welcome to call, or stop by the store for more details.

Check our Online Calendar for weekly events.

Nugames is fully stocked with all the Magic product you could want, both sealed product, and individual cards are available.