Play with the new cards the week before they come out! Events all weekend, Saturday Spetember 21 and Sunday September 22.

Theros itself is a Greek/Roman themed set complete with heros, mosters, and gods. This event will have 5 paths to play, one for each color. White is the path of The Protector, Blue is the path of The Philosopher, Black is the path of The Avenger, Red is the path of The Warrior, and Green is the Path of the Hunter. Each path will have a unique packaging similar to Return to Ravnica’s guild boxes. You can read about the paths here.

For more on the lore of Theros check out Wizards article on  the plane here.

To sign up email us, nugamesonline@gmail.com,  call the store (707) 826-1228 or stop by the store and say hi.  Space limited, first come first serve.